Hello World
Own what you say.

on-chain AI-powered News as NFTs

News Gamified

1. Burn NEWS
2. Mint Comments
3. Win Headline NFTs

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hello world


hello world is an AI-powered NFT game and social experiment centered around the way we experience, share & interact with the news and the world around us. On-chain and censorship resistant, on hello world you own what you say. Hello world, hello free speech.

on-chain censorship resistant news

Project Info




The total (max) supply is 1 billion NEWS, all of which are circulating.

  • 90% of supply (900 million NEWS) was pooled in liquidity on Uniswap v3 [tx]
  • The LP position was locked in a lock contract [link]
  • 10% of supply (100 million NEWS) is reserved for CEX Listings, development,and marketing activities. These tokens are held in a multisig safe [link]

Road Map


  • NEWS listing on Uniswap
  • hello world v1.0
  • the morning edition launch

Q4 2023

  • hello world v2.0
  • the main edition launch

Q1 2024

  • hello world native NFT DEX launch

Q2 2024

  • hello world v3.0
  • the late edition launch

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